A downloadable big peace of crapcode

A mix of a roguelike and an RPG with 3D voxel graphics

This game is free (in case you didn't see the "No thanks, just take me to the downloads" button)

This project is still in active development

It may lag, it contains bugs

You can follow the development progress in my Discord server and a Trello table. (But you'll get more info and you'll be able to talk in my vErY aCtIvE server, so yeah, y'know what to do) (also you can report bugs in a server, so if you found a bug, please, report it there)

If you don't see vines, go to main menu -> settings -> enable vines

How to play

Controls: WASD - move, Space - jump, E - use (open chests, pickup items)Q - equip an item (should be in your inventory), I (i) - inventory, Right Button - Use the item in your hand (i.e. eat the food), Left Button - attack, F9 - save (there are no autosaves yet)

Loot: you get loot of the level you currently are with a 10% chance of getting loot 1 level higher (no, that's not a chocolate in the chest, that's chest's loot)

Levels/XP: you get XP from every enemy (white rectanges for now, no models yet) you kill, when your XP bar is full, you get one level

Inventory: it has almost all the information you need (exclusion: minimap, it's in the top right corner of the screen), level/xp - most left (bar - xp, text - level, both green), protection - white text in the top left corner, health - red bar at the left side, all the item info - right side (disaplys the equipped item info), blue square - equipped item, red square - equipped armor


Windows 31 MB