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A 2D rage platformer where you play as a bouncy box and control it by shooting it into your mouse cursor (or your finger, in case of mobile).
(The title means bouncy+box)

Inspired by Getting Over It, Golfing Over It and Stick With It

How to play:

  • Mouse: use the mouse cursor to aim, left click or space to shoot
  • Gamepad: use any stick to aim, (A on Xbox) or (X on DualShock) to shoot
  • Touchscreen (mobile): tap and drag your finger to aim, release to shoot
  • Get to the very top of the level!

Press [R]/(B on Xbox)/(O on DualShock) to restart (respawn on the last checkpoint), [esc]/(Start on gamepads)/(Middle click (scroll wheel)) to pause the game, [P] to take a screenshot (saved in <game's folder>/Bouxy_Data) and [U] to toggle UI

I made the first version of this game in 4 days because I was bored so yeah

Also you can join my Discord server, yeah

You can undo last jump on the mobile version if you watch an ad but Unity only shows ads if the app's been downloaded from Google Play or App Store so that doesn't work, sadly :(


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Windows (0.2.8) 25 MB
Linux (0.2.8) 30 MB
Android (0.2.8) 24 MB

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Played 0.14 today, I like the texture improvements, nice looks now. You changed the shades of the grass too,cool! Eager for the linux build, save point and some music. Can you not use xGPL/MIT licensed ones or music/game assets made free on Itch? It'd be really cool! And the framerate issue got solved on Wine. Thanks!

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I didn't change the shades of grass in 0.1.4 (edit: you probably mean the background grass I added?), already said I won't add music because I can't make music, that's why I added wind in the background, checkpoints just added in 0.1.5 and I'm not using any free/paid downloaded assets, I made everything myself. And also the framerate issue probably was random and got fixed with a new build and there's an official Linux build now :)

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Oh cool I thought you were wanting to use it but you want to make everything yourself and that's really great!

Edit. I tried the linux build and things look fine,the menu,pause icons etc. I like the yellow glowy thing you added on the grass. But there isn't an exit button to the game? I see only pause,enable checkpoint, continue and reset progress.

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The "yellow glowy thing" is a checkpoint (I don't know how to make it look obvious, I hope someone will have an idea) and you can exit with [Alt + F4] (at least this works on Windows, I don't remember the shortcut on Linux) but I can add an exit button, it's not hard anyway

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Oh I didn't realize that,lol, I thought the percentage was the progression and the checkpoint. Yeah I think there should be a exit button. I usually run it on a terminal so I can exit using CTRL+C. Alt+F4 works on linux too.

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Congrats on the new update! If I close the game after passing a checkpoint and relaunch it again it's supposed to start from that checkpoint not at the starting position again? Atleast that's what it used to do on the previous windows version but not now on the linux build, I start again at the starting point after exiting and relaunching.

Also right of first checkpoint, is there a level there, I see a platform?


It's supposed to start at that position again after a restart unless you've beaten the game and then updated to 0.2.0 and no, it's just so you don't fall into the void when you fall on the ropes section